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‘War Room’ Actress Karen Abercrombie Returns With Powerful Series Shedding Light On Foster Care Crisis

According to The Christian Post, Karen Abercrombie, the popular “War Room” actress, is determined to churn out several projects that will honor God. She made this known while speaking about her latest effort, Eleanor’s Bench, which is currently airing on PureFlix. 

About Eleanor’s Bench, Karen Abercrombie’s New Powerful Series

Eleanor’s Bench is a new series that follows the journey of Eleanor, a successful lawyer who returns to her inner-city neighborhood after many years away. Troubled by the deteriorating conditions and the struggles faced by the children in the system, Eleanor embarks on a transformative path, leaving her prestigious law firm to preside over the juvie bench.

The series, which is streaming only on Pure Flix, is created by and stars Karen Abercrombie, who is best known for her role as Miss Clara in the hit movie War Room. Abercrombie is also an executive producer of the series, along with her husband Michael McClendon.

Talking About Her New Series

In an interview with The Christian Post, Abercrombie revealed that the series touches on pressing issues faced by many individuals today, including a crisis of faith and a sense of God’s distance during difficult times.

There are people who have walked away from their faith; things are getting hard, they have been hard and they’re getting harder, and people are just feeling like God is distant or that He doesn’t care anymore when indeed He does,” Abercrombie said. “But we live on the Earth, it’s a fallen place, and we are going to have our struggles. As they watch Eleanor start to soften and open back up to that love and that direction, that relationship with God, I think it’s going to take many people with them and pull them right in.”

Karen Abercrombie
Karen Abercrombie

Abercrombie also shared how opening up her home to foster children taught her “more about Jesus” and inspired her to create a series that sheds light on the foster care crisis.

There will be ups and downs, and you have to have patience that only God can give you,” she said. “But it’s so rewarding because you’re giving these children a chance at life. You’re giving them love, you’re giving them stability, you’re giving them hope.”

Eleanor’s Bench began streaming on June 30, with new episodes dropping every Friday. You can watch the trailer here.

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