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You and the Messiah: How to Have a Deeper Relationship with Jesus

Being a believer goes beyond religion to having a deeper relationship with Jesus. Many Christians only connect with the Messiah when they attend church on Sundays. How do you claim to have a relationship with someone you spend barely two hours a week with?

The Messiah beckons on us to develop a deeper relationship with Him. Only then can we become like Him and show forth His glory on the earth.

How to Have a Deeper Relationship with Jesus

deeper relationship with Jesus
Praying regularly is one way to establish a strong relationship with the Messiah

Establishing a deeper relationship with Jesus is similar to doing the same with a human. It requires time and effort. Imagine you met a person that hoped would become your romantic partner. To take your relationship to the next level, you’d have to spend time and do things out of the normal.

Becoming closer to the Messiah requires you to spend time in fellowship. This way, you can know Him and learn more about Him and He can know you as well. How do you cultivate a deeper relationship with Jesus? Here are a few pointers:

Regular prayer

Regular prayer is one of the fastest ways to establish a deeper relationship with Jesus. One of the main reasons why God created man was to have fellowship. He is interested in spending time with you as you should be with Him. Prayer helps you to bridge the gap.

While most of us consider prayer to be a time to lay our requests at His feet, it should be a time for fellowship. Prayer is communication with God such that He speaks to us and we to Him. Similar to what happened in the Garden of Eden when God came to fellowship with man daily. When we understand what prayer truly is, it becomes easier to pray frequently and for longer periods.

Frequent Bible Study

One way to develop a deeper relationship with a person is to hear them speak frequently. From speaking about themselves to saying words about you, you soon become fond of their voice. This is what frequent Bible study does to us.

Spending time studying God’s Word allows you to understand Him better. The Bible is a large love letter and life manual put together for every believer. It contains God’s promises for you and examples of how He lived. You and the Messiah can develop a deeper relationship when you study the Word frequently.

Take some time off every day to study the Word. For the best results, we suggest that you have a specific time each day. You should also consider using a devotional like the Messiah as a guide.

Connect with other believers

Proverbs 27:17 tells us that people sharpen people, the same way iron sharpens iron. While praying regularly and studying God’s word are important, you don’t feel like doing both every time. On some days, prayer feels like gravel in your mouth, and studying the Bible becomes the most difficult chore in the world.

Connecting with other believers comes in handy on such days. This is why the Bible admonishes us to not forsake the assembly of the righteous. Find a group of believers that share similar values to yours and spend time around them. Exchange ideas, fellowship, pray together, study the Word, and listen to Christian resources. While you can do this in church, you shouldn’t depend on the church alone. A platform like GodKulture presents you with the opportunity of joining a healthy Christian community.

Trust and obey

You must have sung the popular hymn “Trust and obey” at some point. It isn’t just a hymn, it is a call to a deeper relationship with Jesus. As you hear His voice during prayer, Bible study, and regular fellowship, you must learn to trust and obey.

God is always speaking to us, and He expects us to respond by trusting Him and obeying His voice. Forsake the distractions and focus on His voice. Don’t let the turbulence around sway you from trusting Him. We can only obey God when we build trust in His voice. Only then can we say we have come into a deeper relationship with Jesus.


The Messiah doesn’t want us to have a platonic or peripheral relationship with Him. He is constantly calling us into a deeper relationship with Him. No matter how deep you think you are, there’s still a place called “deeper.” Seek Him more today, He wants to be found.


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