5 Things You Should Know About PurposeFest 2021

PurposeFest is a gathering of visionary and purpose-driven leaders with a passion to change their world. What would life be like for you if you had a picture of what your purpose was?

This meeting is organized by Rotimi Kehinde, Founder of GodKulture. It is designed to help you connect with individuals that will improve your life. They will also provide you the tools that you need to navigate the “purpose journey.”

In this post, we look at 5 things that you should know about PurposeFest 2021. Let’s dive straight in.

The Theme

There is a different theme for PurposeFest every year. This year’s theme is “Heart of Genius.” Why this theme and what should you expect?

The idea behind “Heart of Genius” is to explore the limitless capacities of our minds as humans and discover the missing ingredient of leadership: empathy.

While we have these incredible abilities, it is purpose that gives us direction. Through purpose, we are capable of channeling these powers to produce amazing results. The absence of purpose leaves many people unfulfilled and broken but through PurposeFest, you can groom your heart of genius, discover your powers, and channel them efficiently through purpose.

Who’s Speaking? 

Logically, the next question to ask is, “who’s on the lineup for PurposeFest 2021?” What we can tell you with so much assurance is that the lineup is “FIRE!!!” 

PurposeFest is designed to bring you in contact with top individuals to help add value to your life. Here’s a list of all the speakers lined up for PurposeFest 2021:

  • Rotimi Kehinde – Founder, Purpose University and PurposeFest
  • Dr. Benjamin Ritter – Founder, Live for Yourself Consulting
  • Dr. Christy Matusiak – Chiropractic Physician and Author of “Wellness”
  • Joseph and Jasmine Mims – Founders of Abundant Culture Fund
  • Jake White – Founder of Marketing for Speakers
  • Dan DiMaria – Mayor of Morton Grove
  • Dana Magnus – CEO and Creative Branding and Marketing Strategist of MKTG Brand
  • Dan Tyre – Sales Director, Hubspot
  • Kaleen Marshall – Founder, The Viaggio Group
  • Coach Rosie – Certified Counselor 

To learn more about these speakers, you can click here.

When is PurposeFest 2021 taking place?

If you are like us, then you must be extremely excited and over the moon about this conference already? With the lineup of speakers, it promises to be a great time for  professionals and creatives in different sectors.

PurposeFest 2021, “Heart of Genius,” is happening August 20 and 21. The conference begins at 9 am CST each day. We advise that you mark these dates in your calendar, set your reminders, and get ready for your mind to be blown. Let your expectations shoot beyond the clouds because what is coming promises to change your life.

Oh, and it’s completely virtual this year!

Another question almost everyone has on their minds at this point is, “where is PurposeFest 2021 taking place?” The great news is there’s absolutely no need to travel or book a hotel reservation.

How to register

Great! All you need to do is click on this link, register, and you are good to go. You will also see the conference schedule for each day. 


This conference is sponsored by Kingdom Branding and GodKulture. If you’d like to be one of the sponsors, click here. Do you have any questions about PurposeFest 2021? Drop them in the comments section below.

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