A Global Creative Collective: 5 Benefits of Joining GodKulture

We are in a world driven by technology. Our world has become a global village because of the internet. Today, we can connect with individuals on different continents via the internet.

The internet has helped us to develop online communities. These communities help to create all kinds of connections. From families to friends, businesses to creative individuals. An example of an online community for creative individuals is GodKulture.


About GodKulture

Godkulture is all about Care, Collaboration, and Community. We all need to be a part of a creative circle to become better at what we do. 

GodKulture is a rich and diverse global community of visionary leaders passionate about using their gifts and talents to touch the world with love. This community is made up of leaders from all over the world who have a similar aim. The aim is to influence our world with kingdom culture. 

So if you have a call into Christian ministry or secular business, you aren’t alone. GodKulture is a movement that brings people like you together on a single platform. It brings together Christian professionals that have a passion for changing their world through their influence and creativity. 

Benefits of Joining GodKulture

By now, you are likely wondering why you should join GodKulture. Allow us to show you a few benefits that you will enjoy from becoming a part of this global community.


One of your responsibilities as a Christian professional, leader, or creative is to grow constantly. You cannot afford to remain on the same spot. If you do, how do you want to influence your world? 

The exciting thing about growth is that you need others to grow. You must have heard the term “self-made.” In reality, no one is self-made. GodKulture understands this and allows its members to grow.

The aim is to grow inwardly first then express growth on the outside. Our global community teaches you to understand leadership and the responsibilities on your shoulders. It also seeks to inspire you to greatness so that you can, in turn, influence others. 

To grow internally, you must discover purpose and work towards fulfilling it. Our community helps you to achieve this and more by providing you with resources and courses. All of these materials spur personal and spiritual development.


Growth is the first step to influencing your world. However, staying on the sidelines wastes all the effort you put into growing. Because of this, GodKulture seeks to make its members transformational leaders.

As a member of our community, you learn about your responsibilities as a leader. We take it further by showing you how to take responsibility by becoming problem solvers. As a community, we seek out the solutions to different problems facing our world. We then collaborate to implement these solutions so that our world can become a better place.

Becoming a member of our community exposes you to information on leading the cause for positive change. It doesn’t matter your sphere of influence; we inspire you to take action.


Generosity is a significant part of influencing our world. If you are going to lead, then you must be ready to give. Let’s not forget the fact that giving brings some form of satisfaction to the giver. When you do good with your abilities, you influence the lives of others positively.

GodKulture believes in supporting the less privileged, local churches and other communities like ours. When you seize the opportunity to become a member of our community, it allows you to touch lives. You will be blessing people that don’t have similar privileges to yours.

Getting together

Networking is one of the top benefits of being a member of any online community. The more you mix with people of like minds and abilities, the better your results will be. As we mentioned earlier, it is effortless for creative individuals to remain in isolation. However, gleaning from the wisdom and experiences of other creative individuals is even more rewarding.

Our community allows you to connect with other Christian professionals, industry leaders, and secular business owners. Through this means, we can grow, govern, and give together.

There are several networking events that you can benefit from during the year. You can attend these events remotely or physically.

Access to resources

Finally, GodKulture has a massive repertoire of resources that are helpful to the creative mind. From leadership training courses to materials that spur creativity and productivity. We can assure you that you will find something to help you out. By becoming a member of our community, you have access to unlimited information beneficial to the creative.

Join GodKulture

We believe that the benefits above are inspiring you to join GodKulture already. If you would like to take this step, click here to join our incredible global community.

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