Culture and Community: How to Sign Up to GodKulture

GodKulture is a community of diverse global leaders who aim to influence the world with kingdom culture. These leaders are Christian professionals, business owners, and creatives from all spheres of influence. 

Many entrepreneurs today like the idea of being “self-made.” However, when we look at it closely, no one can claim to be self-made. Even the most influential individuals of all time achieved what they did with the help of others. The importance of being a part of a community, especially in our world today, cannot be over-emphasized.

How to Sign Up to GodKulture

Everything in the GodKulture community revolves around its members. As such, community members can customize their experiences on the platform. You can decide what your profile field looks like and the details you will share with others.

There are several benefits of becoming a part of this community, from networking with other Christian professionals from around the globe to gleaning from different fantastic resources. Being a part of our community helps inspire you to become a top leader who influences your environment with kingdom culture.

All of these lead us to the question, “how do I sign up to GodKulture?” The process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is click here.

There are different levels that you can sign up to. We have put each of the levels below with the benefits that you enjoy from each.

Scholar – $5.00 per month

Below are the benefits of signing up for the “Scholar” level:

  • Creative Networking
  • Creative Tools
  • E-Newsletters and Magazines
  • GK Podcast
  • Identity and Purpose Masterclass
  • Online Community & Forum

Creative – $20.00 per month

This is the second level in our community. You get everything that you have in “Scholar” plus the following:

  • 1-on-1 Phone Mentoring
  • Creative Masterclasses
  • Webinars

Visionary – $50.00 per Month

The Visionary level is the third level in our community. It features everything that you enjoy under the “Scholar” and “Creative” levels plus the following:

  • Business and Strategy Mentoring
  • Business Showcase
  • Discounted Advertising on GodCulture Magazine Website
  • Event Planning and Publicity
  • Leadership Development

Ambassador – $75.00 per month

At the Ambassador level, you get everything from the levels above, including the following:

  • Backstage pass
  • Conference VIP Seating
  • Ministry/Platform Development
  • Vendor Table at Events

Representative – $100.00 per Month

The Representative level gives you access to all of the benefits from the levels above as well as:

  • 5-Page Website for your platform
  • Private Kingdom Connections and Partnerships Network

Guest – Free for 3 months

The Guest level is free, and it allows you to look around and check our resources. You can enjoy this level for three months. We believe that before this period is over, you will see several reasons to sign up for any of the other membership levels.

Contributing Editor – $0.00 currently, then $5.00 each month for 12 months

Choosing the Contributing Editor level means that you will develop content for our community. The price for this level is currently $0.00. However, you will have to pay $5.00 each month for another 12 months.

Benefits of Signing Up to GodKulture

GodKulture is a global network that comprises Christian professionals, entrepreneurs, creatives, and other individuals. We aim to influence our world with kingdom culture so that it experiences positive change. There are several excellent benefits of signing up for our community. While each of the membership levels above has specific benefits, below are some of the overall benefits of joining GodKulture:

Access to Mentors & Leadership Faculty

A mentor is a trusted individual who has some experience in a specific field. Mentors help you to navigate your journey in your sphere of influence by imparting advice and wisdom.

Signing up to GodKulture gives you access to several mentors as well as the leadership faculty. With this access, you can rest assured of specialized guidance to see you through difficult situations. All the levels of membership provide you access to mentors and the leadership faculty.

Access to Discussion Forums

GodKulture has several forums covering a plethora of topics. These forums facilitate contributions from industry experts and Christian professionals from all over the world. 

Being a member of GodKulture means that you can partake in these discussions. As such, you can read comments and make contributions. It also allows you to connect with other contributors to the discussions. Doing this may help you to expand your professional network.

Access to Free Courses

We cannot overemphasize the place of informational and educational resources in improving your insight. GodKulture understands this and provides its members access to several free courses. 

These courses are taught by seasoned professionals who have a lot of experience. Asides from the free courses, you can also access paid courses via our platform.

Get a 5-Page Platform Website

The internet has made our world a global village. You can hardly run a business without having an online presence these days. One way to establish your presence online is by having a website. Signing up to the Ambassador and Mentor membership levels gives you access to a 5-page platform website for your business.


Great job, you now know how to sign up to GodKulture. We have shown you the different membership levels and how much they cost. As you contemplate joining our community, check out other inspiring articles on GodKulture.

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