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‘A Thousand Tomorrows’ PureFlix Series Gives Hope to Those Struggling with Deep Wounds, Actors Say

“A Thousand Tomorrows” is a series on PureFlix that has gathered a lot of attention recently. This series is based on Karen Kingsbury’s novel. Stars of the show have reflected on its different lessons. One of the key lessons is that the Christian walk is never easy, but God’s providence always helps us through. Continue reading to find out more.

About “A Thousand Tomorrows” 

“A Thousand Tomorrows” premiered in February on PureFlix. Cody Gunner (played by Colin Ford) is a bull rider struggling with several childhood wounds. One of them was his father walking away from the family because of the health condition of Carl Joseph, his younger brother.

Cody refuses to forgive his father when he later shows up seeking reparation. He has so much resentment and pent-up anger and believes all of this contributes to him being a successful bull rider. Soon, he meets Ali Daniels (played by Rose Reid), a horsewoman who is optimistic about life regardless of her issues with cystic fibrosis. Her life upends Cody’s world.

Stars of the Show Say It Gives Hope

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“A Thousand Tomorrows” was produced and co-written by Kingsbury and Tyler Russell (her son). The leads of the series, when speaking to The Christian Post, said, “It is a story of faith, forgiveness, and unending love — but it also tackles tough issues and isn’t neatly wrapped or sanitized.” 

Rose Reid said, “Something that a lot of films try to do, but don’t do as well as ‘A Thousand Tomorrows,’ is show this realistic side of faith, where Ali is praying for years that something will change, that she’ll be healed. Cody is praying for years that something will change, and he’ll be healed. And their prayers are not answered in the way that they expect them to be, or they want them to be. But they’re answered all the same.”

According to Ford, the series would be helpful to people struggling with wounded heartland help them heal. He said, “We go through things in life, we have trials and tribulations, and we often feel like we’re very alone in our struggle. And I think this story shows you that you’re not alone in your struggle there. Cody and Ali have each other, have family members that are supporting them. I think that through faith and support systems that you set in place, you can get through anything.”

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