Called to Greater Works: 5 Ways to Become Like Christ

Jesus Christ said in John 14:12 that those that believe in Him would do greater works. The question that begs an answer here is, “is it possible to do greater works than Jesus Christ?” If He has said so, then it is, but first, we must become like Him to do more excellent works.

As Christians, becoming like Christ is one of our lifelong responsibilities. We must keep at this responsibility for the rest of our lives. The challenge is that we seem to fall short several times even though He lives in us. In this post, we will look at five ways to become like Christ to manifest more wondrous works.

How to Become Like Christ

Before we can become like Christ, we must study His life. What character traits did He portray? If we can adopt these traits, we are closer to becoming like Him. This section will show you five areas that you must work on to become like Christ.

Relentless prayer

According to Luke 5:16, withdrawing to lonely places to pray was one of Jesus’ habits. Despite being God in human form, He still cherished spending time with the Father daily. He knew the importance of prayer and wouldn’t pass it off for anything. 

We are called to greater works, and it is impossible to achieve this without prayer. You should spend time daily praying and communicating with the Father. God loves to hear us speak to Him, and He wants to talk to us too.

Acting on the Word

Jesus Christ wasn’t just a student of the Word, He also acted on it. Luke 4:16-21 tells us that He stood up in the temple to read a prophecy by Isaiah in Isaiah 61:1-3. Jesus Christ acted upon this Word along with others all through His ministry. In the same vein, we shouldn’t just study the Word, we must begin to act on it. James 2:26 tells us that faith without works is dead. Hence, believing in the Word without taking action is an effort in vain.

Humility and service

Mark 10:45 tells us Jesus Christ came to serve and not be served. To this end, He led a very humble life. Despite being God and the King of kings, Jesus Christ still humbled himself to die at the hands of those He created. He gave Himself to the service of humankind up to the point of washing His disciples’ feet.

If we are going to be like Christ, we need to drop our pride and get off every high horse. We must understand that the gifts God gave to us are to serve, not to shine. Jesus Christ showed a perfect example both in service and humility, and we must walk in His footsteps. 


Different parts of the four gospels reveal how empathetic Jesus Christ was. He was always moved with compassion at the suffering of others. John 11:35 said Jesus wept at the grave of Lazarus. Jesus Christ saw the tears of the Widow of Nain and had compassion on her as well. It was part of Him to identify with the sufferings and feelings of people around Him.

In like manner, we must identify with the feelings of those around us. We don’t mean going around to try and meet every need. Instead, provide help when you can to make others feel better. Be a shoulder for someone to lean on, a helper that they can call on, and a hand to wipe the tears from their eyes.


Jesus Christ displayed self-control at the highest level possible all through His ministry. He could have ended His journey to the cross with a single word, yet He kept mute as a sheep led to the slaughter. Slapped, spat on, and whipped without sin, but He didn’t utter a word. He could have called for angels, but He kept His mind on the assignment and His eyes on the prize.

Self-control is one virtue that we must imbibe from Christ’s life. It will help us hold onto the faith in difficult circumstances. Self-control doesn’t just keep you from sinning; it keeps you grounded in God’s Word. With this fruit of the Spirit, you will stay faithful to your calling and fulfill your purpose.

Studying the Word

Psalms 119:105 describes the Word of God as a light that gives us direction. Jesus Christ was the human manifestation of the Word, yet He spent time studying God’s Word from a tender age. When He was twelve years old, he spoke to the clerics about the Word. This Word is what He used to defeat the devil during the temptation.

Just like Jesus Christ, we must spend time studying the Word. Joshua 1:8 describes the Word as an essential key to success. The Word is our weapon, inspiration, and mirror to reveal the thoughts of God.


Jesus Christ has called us to greater works. To respond to this call, we must first become like Him. We have shown you five ways to become like Christ in this post. What other ways do you know? Kindly share with us in the comments section. Also, don’t forget to visit GodKulture for other impactful articles on becoming a better creative.

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