Christian Parenting: Five Truths from the Bible to Help You Parent Better

The home sets the template for society. Thus, failing in parenting sets the foundation for a decadent society. We get reports of young kids engaging in reprehensible acts all over the world. Painfully, many of these kids come from so-called “Christian homes.” This goes a long way to show that many parents have failed and are still failing at their responsibilities.

You don’t have to walk the same path. God has provided a fail-proof guide in the Bible to help every parent. After all, none of us has ever had any experience before birthing our firstborns. But these truths will make your job easier.

Truths from the Bible to Help You Parent Better

The scripture is loaded with all kinds of parenting examples. While many of these biblical examples were flawed, their lives present us with lifelong lessons to make us parent better. This section will focus on five truths that will help you parent better.

Children are God’s gift

Biology tells us that children result from a zygote that forms after sperm meets egg. That is correct, but it’s only a half-truth. In the actual sense, children are God’s gift to their parents (Psalms 127:3). 

There are times when your adorable kids become so annoying, and you desire to walk away from them. Remember that they are God’s gift at such times. You have a responsibility to be the custodian of these gifts. Why? They aren’t just a gift to you, but the world. Gifts you must nurture to reach their potential and manifest what God designed them for.

God has a plan for each child

Ever heard the phrase, “every child is different?” It isn’t false. God has a plan for each child. Because of this, every child is different. Jeremiah 1:5 validates this fact when God tells Jeremiah about His plan for him before his conception.

Parents must understand this and not try to force their intentions on their kids. Since each child is a gift from God with a different plan, one of your responsibilities is to find out what the plan is. Seek God’s face for your child’s purpose and help develop them in this line. Support, guide, and inspire them on this path.

God equips parents

Ever felt like you aren’t cut out for parenting? Most accomplished parents felt the same way, inadequate for the job. However, we must understand that God established the institution, gave the gifts, and will equip you for the job.

He knows everything that your child needs to develop into what He desired them to be. Because of this, He will make sufficient provision as you travel this parenting journey. You can’t have it all together, but He will lead you through the journey. This is not an excuse not to make adequate provisions for your kids. But as you work towards perfection, God leads you in the right direction.

Pray for your children

One of the best gifts you can ever present to your children is prayer. Spend time praying for guidance, strength, wisdom, protection, supply, and more. 1 John 5:14 says that God answers us when we ask according to His will. Children are His heritage, so we are sure of receiving answers when praying for them. 

Don’t just pray for your kids; teach them how to pray. Let them know the importance of prayer once they mutter their first words. Set the foundation right and watch them grow into warriors in the future.

Teach them to study the Word

Joshua 1:8 admonishes us to study and meditate on the Word to attain success. Introduce your children to the Word while they are still young. There are so many resources to help you out.

While teaching them the Word, be careful of the other resources you expose your kids to. Control their access to the internet and cable channels. Manning the gates to their hearts controls what comes in.


You’re never going to have it all together as a parent, no matter how many children you have. However, God reveals His adequacy in your frailties if you solely depend on Him to be a good parent. We have shown you a few bible truths to help you parent better in this post. Do you have any others? Kindly drop them in the comments section. Also, remember to check out other exciting posts from GodKulture.

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