Half of Gen Zers

Half of Gen Zers Agree That Their Life Was Transformed by the Bible’s Message Study

If you follow the trends, then you will agree that the love for God in the hearts of people has reduced significantly, especially in the younger generation. While is pretty disturbing, there’s a ray of hope. According to a new report, many young people in America are testifying to the fact that their lives are being transformed by the Bible. This may be quite strange considering that they are generally perceived to be less engaged in Bible studies than the generations before them. 

Gen Zers Being Transformed by the Bible

The American Bible Society carries out an annual study known as the “State of the Bible USA.” This year, the study focused on the spiritual activities of Generation Z, popularly known as Gen Z. For clarity’s sake, this is the age group of people born in 1997 and later.

Gen Z
A young ladey studying the scriptures

The data for this study was obtained from a survey that had 2,761 participants, all U.S. adults. It examined the practices and beliefs of Gen Zs in comparison to older generations. From this report, around 58% of Gen Z respondents said they were Christians.

More than half of the respondents accepted that the Bible’s message had transformed their lives. For those between 18 and 21 years old, around 49% mentioned that the Bible had a major transformative power over their lives. The percentage rose to 52% among those between 22 and 26 years old.

Other Aspects of the Study

The ABS “State of the Bible” study also examined other aspects such as frequency of Bible use and level of scripture engagement over time. Gen Zers presented the lowest percentages of all the generations studied for both parameters.

These results are quite alarming and call for revival among the younger generation. The church must play a strong role in instilling the love for God in the hearts of those in the younger generation. 

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