Introducing the Messiah Devotional: What it’s about and why you need it

Whether you are new to the faith or you’ve been a Christian for a while, a devotional is still an essential faith resource. It is all about the scripture and helps you stay in touch with God’s Word. There are several devotional options, but we are about to introduce a special one to you, the “Messiah Devotional.”

What is it about, and why do you need it? We will answer these questions in this post so continue reading.

About the Messiah Devotional

The “Messiah Devotional” was written to help God’s people, not just members of GodKulture, renew and refocus their faith in Jesus Christ daily. It might be new, but it is written by the inspiration of God to refresh and rekindle your love for the savior.

This devotional is a collection of inspired writings from different authors to provide readers access to a fresh understanding of Christ the Anointed One. It goes further to show you what it means to be anointed through scriptures, reading texts, and several other powerful insights. The Messiah Devotional also provides prayer points that encourage you to pray intelligently in 2022.

By reading this devotional, you learn who Christ is and how you can become more like Him. You will also draw from the experiences of our different authors to influence your daily life as Christian creative. Overall, it will help you grow a stronger love relationship with the Father, spend more time with Him, and pray better. Below are some of the unique features of this devotional:

Reading for the month

You should begin here. There’s no pressure so you don’t have to rush to read everything at once. Read and reflect at your pace and journal your thoughts for reference purposes.


The devotional provides readers a song each month for personal worship. Create a conducive atmosphere as you study the Word by playing the song in the background.

Prayer points

You shouldn’t just read, you should pray along. This is why we added prayer samples to help you communicate with God as you read.

Further reading

Here, we provide access to additional resources like articles and books. These materials will help you study the topic in question deeper to draw important lessons.


In this section, we provide amazing quotes from different leaders including the authors of the devotional. We have carefully chosen the quotes to suit each month’s theme.

Facts + stats

We make use of data and other important stats to present ideas, prove them, and defend them where necessary.


This section provides you scriptures for easy referencing and wider study.


Here, we provide action tips to motivate you to strategically live out each theme in the devotional. 

Why do you need the “Messiah Devotional?”

It isn’t uncommon to wonder why there is a need for a devotional when we have the Bible. Isn’t the Bible the Word of God that has all that we need for our pursuit of a working relationship with Him? Yes, it is, but using devotionals like the “Messiah” is also essential. 

In this section, we look at some reasons why you should lay your hands on this devotional.


Practicing playing a musical instrument every day is essential to becoming a professional. However, adding instructional videos to your daily practice sessions helps make you an even better player—a devotional work in the same way.

The Messiah devotional will enlighten your understanding of the scripture and give you insight beyond the “letters.” While you shouldn’t read it in place of the Bible, it should be a guide to enhance your gaze on the Master. This devotional is not a Bible replacement, it is a companion.


Do you sometimes feel like your desire to study the Bible is waning? You are not alone in this, it happens to everyone. Why do you have this experience? Because of laziness, work, distractions, fleshy desires, etc. There are days when studying the Word is more of a chore.

A gospel-focused devotional like the “Messiah” gives you a fresh, creative approach to studying the scripture. Innovative methods always make it easier to stick to your exercise routine. In the same way, this devotional is a creative way to draw motivation for reading the Word daily.

Application of the Word

Sometimes, we struggle to grasp the entirety of what the scripture means genuinely. As a result, we find it challenging to apply it to our daily lives. With a devotional like the “Messiah,” application of the Word becomes a lot easier. 

This devotional is written by different authors and focuses on several important “life topics.” Because of this, it helps to unravel the meaning of the scripture through simple illustrations. You will learn from personal experiences and creative scripture-based examples on what different verses mean. With this, you can easily apply the Word to other parts of your life and daily experiences.


Now, you know what the “Messiah devotional” is all about and why you need it. You can download it here. Meanwhile, check out different impactful articles to prepare you for success in the New Year at GodKulture.

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