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Memorial Day: How to Register for the Inter-Church Sports Competition

GodKulture hosts the fourth edition of its Inter-Church Sports Competition this month. It holds on Memorial Day, and it promises to be amazing. Several exciting activities will be available for you to enjoy regardless of whether you play sports. 

Would you like to know about this event and how to register? Grab a seat and continue reading this post to find out.

How to Register for the Inter-Church Sports Competition

Before going ahead, we should let you know that registration for this event is mandatory. You need to register to pass through the gates. GodKulture has provided an array of registration options. You can pick any of these depending on what you’d like to achieve at this event. Check out the different registration options below:

How to Register for Memorial Day

General Admission

This registration option is for everyone attending GodKulture’s Memorial Day Inter-Church Sports Competition. You can register online or send an email to The tickets in this category are free and available until the day of the event.

Sponsor Table in Lounge

This category is for you if you own a business and would like to promote your products or services during this event. It allows you to get a Sponsor Table at the tournament, and it costs $250. This ticket comes with certain benefits such as:

  • Announcement of your business as one of the event’s sponsors.
  • Have GodKulture volunteers distribute your flyers.
  • Placement of your business logo on different communication and marketing resources.
  • Access to the attendee database to grow your prospects’ list.

The tickets in this category will also be on sale until the D-day. However, we suggest that you grab yours as quickly as possible to avoid the late rush.

Church Soccer Team

One of the activities every attendee looks forward to is the annual soccer competition. This eight-team competition is open to churches in and around Chicago. Each team should comprise eight players and several substitutes. It is a CoEd event as well.

Do you think your church soccer team has what it takes to partake in this competition? Pick up one of the church soccer team registration tickets for just $400. Note that since there are several teams, the tickets are sold on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Would you like to donate to GodKulture’s $10,000 budget for this event? You can send in your donations, and we will deduct the registration fees from the amount. 

Activities to Enjoy at This Year’s Inter-Church Sports Competition

Soccer tournament

Would there be only sports activities at this event? No! GodKulture has put together a list of activities that everyone can participate in and enjoy. You don’t have to be a sportsperson to enjoy the activities. We will do everything from networking to exercising and worshipping. Here’s a list of some activities you should expect at this year’s event:

  • Worship Concert
  • Volleyball
  • Video games
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Prayer for Chicago
  • Picnic
  • National Anthem
  • Flag Football
  • Chess, etc.

When and Where the Event Holds

Are you already looking forward to this event? You are not alone, as many of us can’t wait for the D-day. GodKulture’s Inter-Church Sports Competition 2022 holds on Memorial Day, May 30. The event begins at 9 am with some pre-game and networking activities. We move on to enjoy some time in Worship an hour later before diving into the games at 11 am.

If you would like to partake in this event, you can join us at:

ComEd Recreation Center,

434 South Loomis Street, 

Chicago, IL 60608, 

United States.


That’s it for registering for GodKulture’s Inter-Church Sports Competition 2022. We have also shown you some of the activities to expect and the location and time for this event. Do you have other questions? Feel free to send them to Meanwhile, check out some exciting resources for a Christian creative at GodKulture.

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