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New Biopic: One-armed All-American Softball Player Katelyn Pavey Wants Others to Know They Can Do Anything with God

According to The Christian Post, a new faith-based biopic hits the theaters this Friday, and it is based on Katelyn Pavey’s life as a softball player. Pavey is a one-armed all-star softball player who influenced the sport with her quality displays. Through her story, the athlete believes that she can help people worldwide see how much they can accomplish through Jesus Christ. Continue reading to find out more.

Katelyn Pavey Speaking About the Biopic

The famous movie production company First Capital Films will release the biopic, “I Can,” alongside Kappa Studios. It tells of the remarkable story of Katelyn Pavey and how she triumphed over limitations with her “I Can” perseverance. The biopic also gives us a peek into the family of the all-star softball player and how she works with God’s grace.

Katelyn Pavey
I Can promises to inspire millions of people around the world (Source: The Christian Post)

There is so much anticipation about this movie that the trailer has already gathered over 2 million views on YouTube. Pavey is quite outspoken about her faith. Despite being born with a deformed left arm, she continues to inspire people globally through her faith and ability.

While speaking to The Christian Post, she said, “Life is not always easy, but my faith in God carried me through. I hope they (moviegoers) take away that you have a purpose and God has plans for you and will guide you through whatever you do in life.”

She further explained that she wants to encourage people to motivate themselves through the limitations and doubts that others have about them. She said, “Overcoming adversity is a mindset, and you need to set goals and work hard to achieve those goals.”

Others Speaking About the Film

The biopic is titled “I Can,” and it shows the viewers Pavey’s miraculous story while giving them some insight into the struggles her family experienced. According to Tyler Sansom, the film’s director, he has known Pavey and her family for more than ten years. Sansom, who is also the family’s pastor, said he has always wanted to share this family’s story with the rest of the world.

When speaking with The Christian Post, Sansom said that Pavey’s family had denied him several times the opportunity to tell their story. He also said, “Katelyn, I’ve played pickup basketball with her in the past; I knew she was a phenomenal athlete. In my mind, I thought that’s a great story; let’s tell that story. But when I found out the mom and dad part of it, I knew there was something deeper there that could relate to a lot of different people.”

Despite not hitting the theaters yet, the biopic has already bagged several awards including Best Director, Best Picture, and Best Actor. It won these awards at the Florida Faith and Family Film Festival. “I Can” features Daniel Roebuck, Vernon Wells, Jeff Amstrong, Amanda Verkamp, and Cameron Arnett. 

You can learn more about the movie here. Visit GodKulture for other gospel entertainment news.

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