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Sticking with God: How to Become and Remain Sold Out to God

Sticking with God is a phrase that is gradually losing its essence. You hear several believers affirm that they are sticking with God, only to see them looking for alternatives at the slightest opportunity. God has plans for our lives and is interested in helping us see those plans come to fruition. However, our world is full of distractions that compete with God for our attention.

Now, more than ever, it is challenging to stay sold out to God. Too many distractions try to pull us away from the daily hustle and bustle to the entertainment we derive from social media and cable TV. If one isn’t careful, one would have lost touch with the Kingdom without even realizing it. How do you become and remain sold out to God?

Is Sticking with God Possible?

sticking with God
Sticking with God means being sold out to Him

Sticking with God is the same as becoming sold out to Him. Our previous article explained what being sold out to God is. It is a state of completely surrendering to Him to take charge of our lives.

If we claim that God is our anchor, we must allow Him to indeed assume that position in our lives. But with all the challenges in our world today, can one genuinely stick with God?

Yes, it is possible. Jesus Christ extends an invitation to us in Matthew 11:28-29, stating that His yoke is easy and burden light. If there is any yoke we should allow on our necks, it should be His. This is not to say that there will be no challenges, but He assures us that He has overcome the world.

How to Become and Remain Sold Out to God

To become sold out to God, one must surrender all to Him. As mentioned in our last article, here are a few things that you must let go of to become sold out to God:

  • Control.
  • Resources.
  • Our relationships.
  • The future.

Becoming sold out isn’t as difficult as staying sold out. The latter involves truly sticking with God, where most believers have an issue. How does one remain sold out to God? Here are a few pointers:


Prayer is a channel through which we communicate with God. It is a two-way street such that it isn’t just us talking to God, but Him speaking to us. Prayer is a means to build and strengthen our relationship with God, not just a means to tell Him our requests. If we understand it in this light, sticking with God becomes easier. We can be most vulnerable in prayer, telling God exactly how we feel and asking Him to take charge of our lives. This act should be continuous rather than periodic and timed as 1 Thessalonians 5:17 says, “Pray without ceasing.”

Studying the Word

The Word of God is His love letter to us, our life’s manual. Inside the Word are instructions to help us live, assurances, and promises to build our faith in God. Studying the Word reminds us of our commitment to God and that He wants us to surrender to Him. Learn to study a part of the scripture every day. Are you struggling to read the Word? Try picking up a devotional like “The Messiah.”

Fellowshipping with other believers

Sometimes, the distractions are just too many, and we are beginning to give in. Paul admonishes us in the scripture never to forsake the “assembly of the righteous.” Why is fellowshipping with other believers important, and how does it help us to stay sold out? Firstly, associating with believers, especially in prayer, Bible study, and worship, energizes us. Secondly, it allows us to focus our minds on God better. More than anything else, we can learn from the experiences and testimonies of others to stand firm and trust God more.


You must have heard preachers talk about the importance of an “attitude of gratitude.” Giving thanks, especially while expecting a miracle, shows complete trust in God. How can you give thanks if you don’t believe it is done? Thanksgiving builds our faith in God and helps us to trust Him all the way.


Sticking with God isn’t as difficult as you think. This post has shown you how to become and remain sold out to God. Do you have any other ideas? Kindly share them with us in the comments section.

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