Growing your Relationship with God: How to Develop Communion with God in Distracting Times

Growing your relationship with God is one of the most important things you can do as a believer. When we first become saved, we are so zealous and want to spend as much time with God as possible. Communion with God at this time is at its peak for most Christians. The challenge is that soon, this zeal begins to wane, and you are gradually drawn away by other commitments.

Our world is full of distractions. While growing your relationship with God is a priority, you are exposed to so many things that want to take your time. This sparks the question, “how do you develop communion with God in distracting times?”

Common Distractions that Prevent You From Growing Your Relationship with God

Technology is one of the greatest blessings that we enjoy in this generation. Now, we have more access to gospel resources than ever because of technology. You can carry as many as fifty versions of the Bible and several commentaries around on your phone. Despite all of these amazing benefits of technology, we are still more distracted in this generation.

growing your relationship with God
Technology is one of our biggest distractions from growing a relationship with God these days

One begins to wonder, what are the things that prevent you from growing your relationship with God? There are so many distractions these days. Some of them include:

  • Surfing the internet.
  • Social media.
  • Checking your emails
  • Access to ungodly materials and resources.
  • Trying so hard to make ends meet.
  • Physical relationships.
  • Getting busy for God, etc.

The list of distractions is endless. However, these seem to be the most pressing of the lot. Now that we have an idea of what distracts us, let’s discuss growing your relationship with God in distracting times.

How to Cultivate Communion with God in Distracting Times

Have you been struggling with growing your relationship with God? You keep putting in the effort, but it seems like so many things are pulling you in different directions. We’ve got some news for you. You are not alone. Many other Christians are facing the same struggle.

In this section, we will show you a few things you can do to cultivate communion with God in distracting times.

Be intentional

The first step to growing your relationship with God is to “be intentional.” You will only be going around in circles if you have desire without intentionality. By being intentional, we mean, you must have the resolution to establish and grow your relationship with God.

When you are intentional, you can set clear and achievable goals with regard to your fellowship with God. This is the only way to deal with distractions. Many of us wouldn’t attend to our smartphones during a game or when seeing a movie. If you would do that for something so mundane, you should do the same when praying or studying the Word. You have to be intentional if you are going to successfully shut out the distractions.

Pray and study the Word often

We understand that too many things are chasing us for our attention these days. Studies have even shown that the human attention span is far shorter than it used to be. This means that you will find it more difficult to concentrate on a particular task these days. Regardless, you must put in the work to grow your relationship with God.

One way to do this is to pray and study the Word as often as you can. Fix specific praying times into your daily routine. Learn to mutter a few words of prayer under your breath while at work. Study the scripture as well. If you feel like reading the Bible on your phone will distract you, get a print copy. Commit to studying a few verses of scripture daily.

Connect to other believers

Growing your relationship with God is not complete without connecting to other believers. The Bible talks about not forsaking the assembly of the righteous. One of the benefits of doing this is that you can keep going when you feel discouraged. This is because you draw from the strength and zeal of others around you.

Another benefit is that you can glean from the wisdom of the other believers in your circle. As you spend time with them, you will learn to overcome the distractions struggling for your time. A good place to begin is to become a member of the GodKulture community.


Growing your relationship with God should be a priority, especially in these distracting times. This post has shown you a few pointers on how to cultivate communion with God despite distractions. Do you have any other ideas? Kindly share them with us in the comments section.

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