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Tech and Church Growth: How Technology can Boost Church Growth

Once upon a time, tech and church growth could never be mentioned in the same sentence. However, with the way technology is changing everything that we do at a rapid pace, churches need to accept it. It is time for the church to accept that tech and church growth can become a formidable partnership.

While many small churches are still being intimidated by the idea of technology, larger ones are moving with the trends. If you use technology right, it can help you boost church growth in the most unbelievable way. This post will show you how technology can help you boost church growth.

Tech and Church Growth

Before we look at how you can use technology to boost church growth, let’s discuss a few statistics. Tech and church growth is a great partnership for several reasons. Here are a few:

  • Easy tracking of growth metrics.
  • Improved generosity to digital donations and access to key congregant information.
  • Better church administration and congregant management.
  • Top-notch church communication with leaders, staff, volunteers, congregants, and external stakeholders.
  • Better reports.
tech and church growth
These days, tech and church growth work hand-in-hand

It is high time churches began adopting technology. This is because many members are doing the same and it will help to be on the same page with them. Here are a few statistics to convince you:

  • About 60% of people are prepared to give digitally to their church.
  • At least one out of every five churchgoers chose virtual church services at least once a month in 2022.
  • Online giving is increasing church donations by about 32%.
  • About 85% of churches can find their congregation on Facebook.
  • About 21% of Millenials and 22% of Boomers attend church online primarily.

With these statistics, you will agree that tech and church growth can form a great partnership that will yield amazing benefits.

How to Boost Church Growth with Technology

Here are some ways you can boost church growth with technology:

Online publicity

Similar to secular businesses, churches must also invest in publicity. About a decade ago, investing in printed fliers and banners would be a worthwhile investment. However, everything is going digital these days, including publicity.

Churches can adopt technology to take advantage of online publicity that will boost church growth. There are several things you can do in this regard including:

  • Building a responsive and user-friendly church website.
  • Setting up social media pages on platforms that congregants and your expected target audience use frequently.
  • Posting engaging content regularly.
  • Running sponsored ads.
  • Posting service excerpts in video and graphic formats.

Doing all of these and more can help you improve your online presence and attract more guests to your onsite services.

Improved guest experience

Do you know that a guest needs between five to seven minutes to make up their mind about returning to your church? You only have this period to make a great first impression so make it count. Many people want to know about your church before they visit for the first time. You can take advantage of their curiosity to give them the best first impression before they walk through your doors.

One way to do this is to provide sufficient information about your church via your website. Some of the key pieces of information you should concentrate on include your mission and vision statements, service times, and leader profiles. You can also post pictures of services and outreaches on your website and social media platforms.

Another thing that you can do to improve the guest experience using technology is to provide clear directions to your church venue online. This way, it will be easy to convince people to return after their first visit.

Better follow-up of first-timers

Following up first-timers is another way to ensure that they return to your church. Most people are busy these days so they may not be comfortable receiving visitors. A better way to follow them up will be to use technology.

You can do this by following them on social media and encouraging them to do the same. You can also ask them to download your church app and share their prayer requests on the platform. Another thing you can do is to send them push notifications that will keep them abreast of your church information. Finally, you can ask them to subscribe to your monthly or weekly newsletters and send them text messages often.


Do you now see that tech and church growth can become great allies if you understand their relationship? This post has shown you some ways to use technology to boost church growth. Do you know any others? Kindly share them with us in the comments. Visit GodKulture for more insightful articles for Christian leaders and creatives.


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