What Brings Revival: 5 Things That Must Happen to Bring Revival

Once you switch off the light, darkness takes over. Today, it is clear that darkness is taking over our world, and we need a revival. Revival is the only way we can get our world to be sane again.

The question that begs an answer is, “what brings revival?” Every time revival indeed sweeps through the land; it begins with a few individuals first. Nonetheless, there are a few things that must happen for revival to occur. 

Things That Must Happen to Bring Revival

Many Christians and churches have forgotten our first love. We seek to please people more instead of doing what is pleasing to the Lord. No wonder people’s love for God keeps waxing cold. As we continue to pray and prepare for revival, here are a few things that we need to cause revival to occur:

A Need for Holiness

We are in an age where holiness seems to be an outdated word; well, it isn’t. To be holy means to keep away from sin and set oneself apart from things that lead to iniquity. It requires us to be physically and mentally set apart, and it begins in our hearts.

Psalms 1:1 says that a man that doesn’t walk in the counsel of the ungodly, stands with sinners, or sits with the scornful is blessed. Holiness is an essential aspect of our lives, and race and God calls us to be holy as He is. We cannot be righteous by ourselves except God helps us. Once we come to a place of seeking the Holy Spirit’s help to be holy, we set ourselves up for revival.

A Need for Power

Acts 1:8 tells us that we will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. It further tells us what this power does in us, and it helps us to be witnesses of God in our spheres of influence. The Holy Spirit is the part of the Godhead that endues us with the power to chase after righteousness.

When we are filled with the Holy Spirit, everything about our lives changes. He helps us study God’s word, live holy, minister to others, and enforce kingdom culture on earth. We can achieve all of this through His power. To get this power, we must first admit that there is a need for it, and revival needs to begin.

A Need for Love

God is love, and anyone that claims to know God must show love. All through Jesus Christ’s ministry on earth, He taught and showed love in different ways. According to Jesus Christ, the greatest commandment is to “love God and love our neighbors as ourselves.”

Love is an essential characteristic of Christians, but it is waxing cold towards God and humans today. The easiest way to reach out to unbelievers is to show love, not preach to them. Our actions will attract them to the God we seek to evangelize. 

We must understand that there is a need for love in our world today. Love should guide our actions, how we minister the truth, and how we correct others. While it is good to dissect the word of God, it is even more important to do it in love.

A Need for Prayer

One of the chief factors that contribute to revival is prayer. When you take some time to study the various revivals that our world has experienced, you will notice that prayer was always the catalyst. The first revival in Acts 2:1-4 occurred while the disciples were in the upper room praying.

If we seek God for power, then we must be ready to spend time in prayer. It is a known fact that prayer Christians are powerless Christians. One aspect where the church is lacking today is prayer. Prayer is a priority. We must see the need to pray more to experience the revival that we seek.

A Need for Jesus Christ

There is a void that human always seeks to fill. The only person that can fill this void is Jesus Christ. Prophecies of the end time reveal that many people will turn to different sources to fill this void. As such, many people will turn away from God and the glorious gospel.

No matter what we do and where we go, if we don’t find Jesus Christ, this void will remain there. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. We must recognize that without Him, we are lost and will continue seeking ways to fill this void. Only then can we find and experience true revival.


When revival comes, God appears, and with Him, everything that we need. In this post, we have discussed five things that must happen to bring revival. What other items do you know? Please share them with us in the comments section. Meanwhile, take time out to check out GodKulture for other articles about revival.

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  1. Surrendering our will to God is also needed, as the Apostles did. They were slaves to God. Our wills have to belong to God completely.