Why Marriage Still Matters

Genesis 2:24

Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and they shall become one flesh (NIV).

In the eyes of many, the value of marriage is falling fast. Society is rejecting more and more the biblical ideal for marriage. Let’s face it: many of us have seen it fail firsthand. I came from a broken home; I get it. But marriage isn’t broken: people break marriage. We must not lose faith in the beautiful gift that God has given us.

We need strong couples to rise up and demonstrate why marriage still matters. The world needs to see God at work through the union of two people that He has called together for a purpose. Relying on God’s strength, a new generation of husbands and wives can represent Christ in the unique way that only they can.

Marriage is an Act of Worship

Men and women are different, but both bear the image of God within them. That means there is something about both men’s and women’s distinctive qualities that express something about God. Marriage is an act of worship because when that couple lives out their relationship in unity, they form a more complete reflection of God’s image in humanity. Marriage is holy. Matthew 19:6 reads, “What God has joined together, let no one separate” (NIV). If God has brought the married couple together, their marriage is an honorable and valuable union.

Marriage is How God Desires to Bring New Life into the World

Men and women were made for each other, both reflecting the image of God in their unique way. When they come together in the way God intended, He shares with them the power to do what previously only He could do: bring forth life.

This truth is important. Think about it: we all come from the same place. No matter how broken, how fragmented our parents’ relationship, two people coming together brought us into this world. Many of us have survived the crushing pain of being a child of divorce or coming from a broken relationship. For many, it has skewed our perception of marriage, stealing all of the value from it in our eyes. Instead of believing that marriage doesn’t matter, we must fight to reclaim its power and purpose in our lives.

Marriage Builds Healthy Families

As children, our very first relationship is with our parents. Our bond with them and understanding of family is one of the first places we form our identity. The family unit’s health is critical to the development of the children born into that family. Through a loving marriage, parents empower and reflect God’s love for their child. A powerful, impactful marriage is the best thing that we can give our children.

A revitalization of marriage could strongly influence the world for God’s Kingdom. It all starts with us. The better witnesses we will be for the Gospel, the way we understand and live out God’s intentions for marriage. Marriage is the foundation for healthy, godly families. The children born from those families will become our future. Now is the time as God’s children to show the world why marriage still matters.

Key Action Takeaways

1. In prayer, ask God to reshape your worldview on marriage. Dive into His Word, and watch as He guides you in a new understanding of His purposes for marriage.

2. Commit to daily time in prayer and the reading of God’s Word with your spouse. Nothing will develop your spiritual intimacy the way that these disciplines can.

GodKulture Contributor Editor, Zachary Wessell

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  1. This is an awesome take on marriage. While I’m not married, all my closest friends are and I have decided to share this with them!
    You make a great point about the first relationship children get to experience is that of their parents during their “learning years”.
    Awesome share!