Hollywood Actresses Recount Stories of God’s Divine Intervention

Lara Silva and Shari Rigby have enjoyed Hollywood success over the years, especially recently. These accomplished stars recently gave God all the glory, saying He intervened when nobody believed them. According to The Christian Post, they have just released a film, “Divine Influencer,” to tell of their experiences. The movie began streaming on Pure Flix on September 15. Continue reading to find out more.

About The New Hollywood Movie, Divine Influencer

The movie tells the story of an entitled influencer who moves to rags from riches. After losing everything, the influencer begins to work at a homeless shelter so she can find a space to live.

Through God’s help, the influencer finds purpose and understands that she has to serve others to fulfill it. You can learn more about the movie by visiting the official website.

Speaking About the Movie

Shari Rigby, known for directing “Overcomer” directs this new movie, Divine Influencer. Lara Silva from The Chosen plays the lead role in the movie. Both women are working together to inspire other women with their testimonies of God’s intervention in their lives as entertainment gurus.

Shari Rigby and Lara Silva speaking about Divine Intervention (Source: The Christian Post)

According to Silva, who is one of the frontrunners on the groundbreaking faith-based TV series, The Chosen, says that as soon as she stepped into the acting industry, she began to see God’s hand working things out in her favor. She said, “Before I even made the decision that this is my dream and this is what I want to do, the devil was already attacking me, telling me that ‘It’s too late to start. Like you’re never gonna make it. What do you think you’re doing? This is crazy.”

She continued, “But God was so much louder and spoke so clearly over me. When I started seeking Him, I realized my passion and what I wanted to do [was] birthed. The more that I sought after Him, the more doors would open; some would close, but I realized that they were for a reason. He was protecting me.” 

Rigby began working on this movie in 2015. She says that all she does to impact people is through the help of God and she believes that He is doing more than just acting and directing through her. 

According to Rigby, “As we started to really work through this script and just the story in general, we started to realize that one, for such a time as this, and two, this is something that we should be tackling more often so we can actually talk about how, as Christians, we can actually influence the culture for Christ. So it’s an important topic.”

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