How to Send Your Money on a Mission

Article by Jessica Dondapati

Are you wondering how you can invest your money in Gospel work? Do you desire to send your money on a mission?

There are numerous opportunities to financially contribute to the flourishing of people, organizations and communities. From giving to sustainable projects to supporting people who are pursuing education or creative endeavors, the possibilities are endless.

Today, we are going to look at six ways to send your money on a mission for the Gospel.

Give toward a microbusiness loan fund.

One way to send your money on mission is to support a microbusiness loan fund. This type of fund is used to provide small loans to people who want to start a small business. Some kinds of businesses this support are vegetable gardens, dairy and chicken farms, fruit production, and tailoring. 

The money from the loans is used for start-up costs including seeds, chicks, young trees and sewing machines. Usually, the person who receives the loan is responsible to pay it off within a set amount of time, such as six months or a year.

A number of organizations have this option and it is a wonderful way to empower people in a sustainable way. Many families who would not normally qualify for a loan are able to apply and receive the necessary funds to start sustainable sources of income to care for their families.

Support small organizations that are tackling poverty.

There are hundreds of small, local organizations working in every country. Whether it be in a large city or a rural area, there are plenty of opportunities to support work being done in low-income communities. Some provide education, job skills training, housing, meals, and other means of support to individuals and families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Many of these organizations are specifically focused on helping families create sources of sustainable income that will benefit them well into the future. Others prepare individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to pursue better career options.

Find a charity local to you that is investing in the community and support them.

Are there charities working to make a difference in your community? Many cities and towns have local food banks, soup kitchens, thrift shops, and other outlets for helping members of their communities. Consider supporting them financially as a way to give back to your neighbors.

One of the benefits of doing this is that you can see how your money is being used and support people in your area who are in need.

Give to your church

This should be a no-brainer, but as believers, we should be giving to our local church body. It is essential that our churches are able to function to continue their Gospel work.

It is our responsibility as believers to ensure that our churches are financially stable and that our pastors and other staff are receiving sufficient income. 

In addition to the practical side of giving to our churches and providing for our pastors and their families, there is the ministry aspect as well. Many churches work tirelessly to support people in their communities with financial needs, connecting them with resources and offering emergency aid. Giving to our churches is, therefore, also a way to invest in the well-being of our communities.

Give to a missionary, or support an org or missionary that works with national pastors overseas to provide support and training.

Is your church partnering with any particular missionaries or missions organizations? Do you have friends who are serving overseas? Supporting missionaries and national leaders is another wonderful way to ensure your money is used for Gospel purposes. Missionaries and national leaders are working hard to make the Gospel known to the world. From Bible translation and community development projects to church planting and orphan care, their work involves being the hands and feet of Jesus to people who may not otherwise experience His love.

Support other Christian creatives

As Christians who are creatives, we know all too well how difficult it can be when we don’t receive support and encouragement for the things God has gifted us to do. So, what better thing to do than to reach out and support others like ourselves who are creative, passionate followers of Jesus?

This can include things like purchasing paintings for our homes or as gifts, hiring graphic designers to overhaul our websites, or paying a writer to contribute to our blogs. All of these things go a long way in promoting and supporting the work of Christian creatives.

Where do we go from here?

We know that these are all great ways to utilize our money for the Gospel. But not all of these ideas are going to be a good fit for everyone’s passions. It’s up to us to prayerfully decide which ways we are being called to invest in Kingdom work.

How do we make these decisions?

Pray. Ask God how He would like for us to use our money for His work and His glory.

Think about your ministry passions. What grabs your heart? Is it sustainable projects, supporting other creatives, or sponsoring pastor training? Consider narrowing your options down to things that fit into what you are passionate about.

Research. Find people or organizations that are doing work you already love. This is also a great time to check out how they do their work and whether it is effective as well as what their reputation is among similar avenues of service or art.

Choose. Choose individuals or organizations that are reputable, fit within your passions, and whose work you feel called by God to support.


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  1. Great article. I love your points about supporting microbusinesses and Christian creatives. What’s a good way to find Christian creatives to support them? I know they’re a couple on Etsy but was curious if there’s a specific platform to find them. Also, any recommendations on microbusiness loan organizations? Thanks so much for this insightful article Jessica!

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