Reclaiming Lost Blessings: 5 Keys to Unlocking God’s Blessing Over Your Life

God’s word tells us about several blessings He has promised us as His children. However, many people never get to enjoy the fullness of these blessings. As the year winds down, more than ever, reclaiming lost blessings comes to mind. It is paramount that we understand what to do to unlock God’s blessings over us in the New Year.

Unlocking God’s Blessing Over Your Life

We want thriving relationships, money in abundance, and bodies free from disease. God promised us all of these and more in His word, yet we struggle to take hold of them. If you are at this point, we have put together a few keys to help you reclaim your lost blessings.

Understand that God is the Source of Blessing

God isn’t Santa Claus that comes into your chimney at Christmas to leave you a gift. He has more in store for you than Santa or a genie will ever have put together. God is the source of all things, and the scripture proves this in several verses.

To access the blessings that God promised, you must understand and acknowledge that He isn’t just the “bless-er,” He is the “blessing.” Because of this, every good and perfect gift comes from Him (James 1:17). God doesn’t just wait for you to seek blessings from Him; He has a “blessing plan” prepared just for you.

Reclaiming Lost Blessings is Your Choice

God is always ready to bless us; in fact, He has blessed us already according to Ephesians 1:3 and 2 Peter 1:3. In both verses, the writers affirm that God is not about to bless us, but He has already blessed us. If he has, then why haven’t we taken hold of them? It is simple; we haven’t decided to just yet.

Imagine you receive a blank check from the richest man in the world. You need to fill in how much you need and withdraw it from the bank. Yet, you have unpaid bills and a mountain of debt to service. Until you decide to fill that check and cash it from the bank, you’d keep languishing in financial problems. 

While we want to enjoy blessings as Christians, we must choose to tap into the already available blessings. He has given you a blank check already, but He wouldn’t fill it for you; you have to do it yourself.

Pray with Clear Intentions

Jesus Christ taught us not to pray with vain babblings (Matthew 6:7). He wants us to be intentional and specific with our prayers. The efficiency of your prayers is not in how many words you speak but in how precise your intentions are.

How would you have a session with the Alpha and Omega and not state your needs clearly? Well, many times, we do this unconsciously. We spend time praying, but our minds are divided, and we aren’t sure exactly what we want. Learn to make specific requests and be as open as possible. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable with God; you cannot hide anything from Him after all. 

Approach Him in Faith

Hebrews 11:6 tells us to approach God in faith because it is impossible to please Him or get anything from Him without it. Several other verses of scripture emphasize the importance of faith in reclaiming blessings. 

If you feel like your faith is weak or non-existent, you need to study the word some more. Romans 10:17 tells us that hearing the word of God births faith in us. While the word sows the seed of faith in us, praying in the Holy Ghost builds it and makes it grow (Jude 1:20). 

Faith allows you to approach God’s throne with boldness so that you can tender your requests knowing He is able. It also gives you the assurance that God hears you and has blessed you already.

Give Thanks

One of the most powerful keys to unlocking the blessings of God over your life is thanksgiving. Psalms 100:4 states that we should enter His gates with thanksgiving. The Message translation of the same verse tells us to “enter with the password, ‘Thank you!’” 

Giving thanks presents you with limitless access to God’s presence. It also helps you see that God has done so much for you that you haven’t been mindful of. More than anything else, it fuels your faith because if God did it before, He could do a lot more now. 


God has blessed us with everything that we need. It is time to reclaim these blessings and begin to walk in them. As the year rounds up, employ the keys above to unlock God’s blessings over your life. Would you mind checking out GodKulture for more articles in our “Reclaim” series?

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  1. I’ve been trusting God for a job and marital connection years.
    I will love it if you join your faith with mine in agreement to God’s blessings upon my life.

    1. Hi Alice, definitely! We’re praying for you and believing with you.

      Here’s a prayer for you: Lord, we join our faith with Alice and pray for a miracle. You are a faithful God, a provider, and a way maker. Thank you for making a way and we are thankful because we know that you will provide all her heart’s desires in Jesus Name! Amen!

  2. Awesome revelation and teaching, may it impact as many lives to the understanding of the ways of God to our salvation and to the glory of His great name.