Regent University Hosts Week of Open Prayer and Worship to Make Room for Revival

Revival, in the last few weeks, has spread across several campuses and worship venues in the US. This great awakening began in February at Asbury University and it has caused a chain reaction of revival-related events all over. Thousands of believers gathered at the university to engage in repentance, prayer, and worship. Regent University responded to these events by holding prayer and worship sessions between March 6th and 10th. Continue reading to learn more.

Making Room for Revival at Regent University

Regent University
People praying at Regent University

Dr. Jeff Gossman, the Director of Campus Ministries at Regent University, visited Asbury University at the beginning of the revival. When he returned, he said, “God is making known his claim on GenZ. This generation has suffered so much loss due to the pandemic. This current outpouring is like their coming-of-age party, where Jesus says to them, ‘I see you. Welcome to the table.’”

The Dean of the School of Divinity at the university, Dr. Corne Bekker, explained, “This is their moment where God is getting a hold of (Gen Z) hearts. Their eyes are opening, and they are surrendering their lives to Christ.”

Several dozens of individuals have visited the Shaw Chapel at Regent University to partake in unplanned gatherings and weekly services since the revival. Some of these meetings have lingered for over six hours according to the university. They have been marked by prayer, the teaching of the scriptures, worship, spiritual renewal, and repentance.

In response to this, the university organized open prayer and worship sessions between the hours of 12 noon and 2 pm from March 6th to 10th at the chapel. 

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