Testimonies from GodKulture Community

GodKulture is a global community of diverse leaders that seek to influence the world with kingdom culture. One of the key benefits of subscribing to GodKulture is becoming a part of the “Community.” This community comprises mission-minded and purpose-driven members.

GodKulture uses powerful search algorithms to connect members with shared interests. The portal comes with a unified search bar designed to pull from different parts of the website. 

As we round up 2021, it is a great time to celebrate what we have achieved this year. In this post, we will share some testimonies from members of the GodKulture Community.

Testimonies from GodKulture Community

Several testimonies abound to corroborate the impact of the GodKulture Community. We will share a few of them with you in this section.

Jahari Thompson, GodKulture member since 2017

I am blessed with many gifts from the Lord, but GodKulture gives me the resources and support to elevate my craft. By being a member of GK, I have gained knowledge about the scriptures behind my purpose and calling. I found out about GodKulture in one of their ads. Then I worked under Rotimi, CEO, and Founder of GodKulture. I would design banners and advertisements for postcards, illustrate concepts, and volunteer for group events. Later, I became an intern and grew even more! 

I am refreshed and renewed in the Holy Spirit connected to the GodKulture Network. While I am on the road a lot for my job, small Facebook messages give me a little reminder of why God has placed me where I am. This year I have been focused on ministry in Christ and what that means for me as an artist. There is a repetition in art, and every canvas is a new story. I have come to appreciate every aspect of my craft and serve every client with a spirit of renewal. Today, I am no longer afraid of the challenges that may arise in a circumstance as I expect them to come for me specifically now as God guides me through them.

Diane Gibbs, GodKulture member since 2019

To me, being a GodKulture member means a community where there is always support available, a friend, a listening ear, someone to pray for you, and collaboration opportunities. It’s a place where you can feel the love. The best part of being a member at GodKulture is that I have accountability-coaching. In 2019, while visiting their website looking for information on their Purpose class, I ended up signing up for a membership. Little did I realize that I had been given an accountability coach, Essy, as a part of my membership. 

Once I finished my Purpose Sessions, I started meeting with Essy Rodriguez, my accountability coach. We talked about my goals, discussed and explored my purpose, and where God is taking me next! While attending the Purpose Sessions, I had already decided I would quit my job of 17 years and take a year off to go live my best life ever. The Purpose Sessions ended, but I still had work to discover my purpose. Essy and I continued to meet and check-in over the next several months. I appreciate the support to make sure I’m on track and will be ready to go back to work when the time comes.

Dejane McDonald

GK has impacted me in so many incredible ways. Not only have I known my identity in Jesus, but I found my purpose. I was able to pursue my purpose in ways that GK could help me with. I wouldn’t know its route if it wasn’t for what GK has brought forth and what it continues to do. So I want to thank GK for everything that they’ve done, the staff, the warmth, and the dedication to see God’s people live in purpose truly.


There are so many benefits of becoming a member of the GodKulture Community. Besides talking within interest groups, you can converse with real people and run your virtual command center. We have shared some testimonies from some of the members of our community in this post. Please, click here to join and enjoy all the immense benefits of the GodKulture Community.

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