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“The World is a Dark Place that Needs your Light” – Tunmise Gbajumo, a Christian Content Creator and Writer

This series features Kingdom Agents using their gifts and talents for God’s glory and shining light on His Kingdom. Tunmise is a Christian content creator and writer who uses her social media platforms to propagate the Gospel. Join us as we speak to Tunmise as she takes us through her journey.

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Q: Please introduce yourself to us.

A: I am Oluwatunmise Gbajumo the Special Child and the one who God has favored. A Christian Content Creator, Writer, and Student for now. I enjoy studying the word of God and visualizing the lives of Bible characters and their experiences in my mind so it naturally found a way into my platform.


Q: What is your salvation story? How did you become a believer?

A: My salvation story is not a mind-blowing one as you would expect. I was born to a Christian Mother and Muslim Father. We never spoke about which religion I wanted to follow or not. I just followed my mom everywhere she went, including church, with no problem. I always saw my mom pray and fellowship with God, so I tested God with bread when I was 7 years old.

I wanted one famous underground bread we usually got, but my mom’s phone was dead, and my dad wasn’t back home. So my mom told me to tell God to make my dad get it for me without us calling him. I did, and I waited till my dad came home. Lo and behold, he walked in with a loaf of Underground bread.

That’s where our journey began, and it became stronger after my parent’s separation, after which I decided to rededicate my life to Him. God has been my Gee and a part of me since day one.

Q: What does communion with God mean to you?

A: Inviting Him into my daily activities.

Q: What is that scripture you have been meditating on recently?

A: No particular one, just the ones God gives me daily. Talking about Bible characters, I’ve been studying the life of Jeremiah.

Q: What are some of the challenges you’ve faced while building your platform as a Kingdom Agent?

A: First off, I didn’t start this platform with the thought of promoting Christ, so I never thought I would be here. I just wanted to build a personal blog, so I could make money. Funny enough, it has become less and less about money for me. I wouldn’t say I’ve had any challenges; I just see them as a chance to grow and attend to things better.

Since I started this platform, I’ve experimented with several ways to shoot, played with colors, been blessed and gotten more gear, grown spiritually, learned humility, etc. One of the disadvantages of growing so much within a short period is that Responding to most of my Direct messages has been a hassle.

People forget I have a personal life outside of the social space, so if they drop a message and it doesn’t get responded to on time, they drop angry texts. Another is having to attend to many serious issues at the same time. Never in a million years would I have thought that someone or a group of people would confide in me about their issues and addictions. But here we are, and we’re taking it one day at a time.

All glory to God.

Q: What advice do you have for anyone who wants to use their platform/gifts to glorify God?

A: The world is a dark place that needs your light. Let the light of Christ shine through you. Post without thinking about what anyone would say. Make sure your content makes sense and is benefiting a group of people. Above all, follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Q: How can people reach you online?

A: Through my Instagram direct message (@i.am.Oluwatunmise) or my email address tunmisegbajumo@gmail.com if urgent.

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: My Bible and my lecture materials. Thank you for having me.


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