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‘Fast and Furious’ Actor Lucas Black Says Role in New Christian Film was an Answer to Prayer

Lucas Black is a Hollywood actor best recognized for his roles in “NCIS: New Orleans” and “The Fast and The Furious” franchises. He took a break three years ago from mainstream entertainment. The actor recently talked about his role in a new Pure Flix movie, saying it was God’s answer to his prayer. This post will tell you all about the star actor’s role in this new movie, “Legacy Peak.”

God Answers Prayers

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“Legacy Peak” began streaming on PureFlix in September

Black finished his “NCIS: New Orleans” work in 2019 after 125 episodes. The actor then decided to leave his role in the series so that he could spend time with his “Heavenly Father” and his family. He said, “There were plenty of days where I would go to work, and they would still be asleep, and I would come home, and they’d be already in bed. The first three seasons … I’d be working 70 hours a week. I’m just fortunate throughout my career, I’ve recognized that that kind of schedule and the way the entertainment business is run, and a lot of temptations that come with it, can be really destructive to families’ lives and your relationship with others.”

He continued by saying that it requires a lot of godly people and discipline to stay accountable. According to him, some of these concerns were part of why he had to take some time off for rest and reflection. Not after, he received word about the new faith movie, Legacy Peak.

The actor said he and his wife were seeking God’s face for the next step in his career. He said, “We saw a huge culture shift here in America, and for a long time, movies coming out of Hollywood and in entertainment undermined the fatherhood role.” God answered their prayers when he met Pastor Eric Ludy at a homeschool convention. This was where he first heard about “Legacy Peak” from Ludy.

Lucas Black on His Role in Legacy Peak

Black mentioned in an interview, “I read it, my wife read it, and she comes to me with tears in her eyes and says, ‘I don’t know why you wouldn’t be a part of this project.’” Recalling the event and why he took the role, he said, “It’s one that really sheds a good light on fathers. It shows the need for a good earthly father. It shows how we can find our fulfillment and love from our Heavenly Father, and it really is one that’s going to empower the nuclear family, and especially fathers out there.

The movie is about Jason, a man who wants to have kids that are like him with his girlfriend. However, a well-planned trip to a mountain cabin doesn’t go as planned, resulting in an adventure that could either bring them closer or destroy their relationship. Both of them will learn to become a family and trust again. Lucas Black is Jason in the movie, with other star actors like Roman Engle, Kyleigh M. Bakker, Ina Barron, and Todd Terry.

In Black’s interview, he explains, “My character gets to use masculine traits to really protect the innocent, and provide for them and show transparency to connect with the kids in a special way.” He explains further that he is glad to be a part of this project, and he’s sure God orchestrated it all.

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